Special Events in Baltimore

Summer Restaurant Week
Baltimore's popular Summer Restaurant Week offers visitors the opportunity to eat their way across the city. Specially designed prix-fixe dinner menus show off the talents of nationally known chefs, as well as the city's "best kept secrets". Browse the list of participants early and call for reservation information because this highly anticipated event keeps the tables full at many restaurants.

Flicks From The Hill
When the weather warms, the American Visionary Arts Museum hosts Flicks From The Hill at the Hughes Family Outdoor Theater. More than one thousand people sprawl on blankets to see films on the 30-foot wide screen located in front of a spectacular view of the city skyline. Bring a picnic and enjoy movies ranging from dramatic classics to goofball comedies at this family friendly event. Before the movie, visit the museum itself to see the international collection of works from self-taught "outsiders" that challenge and expand classic ideas about art and artists.

Kinetic Sculpture Race
For true aficionados of the absurd, the yearly Kinetic Sculpture Race offers a 15-foot tall pink poodle named Fifi competing with other amazing amphibious works of art. Hosted by the American Visionary Arts Museum, the exciting 15-mile race includes a waterway portion to challenge the wild variety of large mobile sculptures running solely on human-power. Spectators are welcomed and encouraged to dress in costume while cheering their favorites and meet the imaginative, talented minds behind this hilarious spectacle.

Welcome to Bawlmer, hon! Tease up a beehive, dig out your cat's eye glasses, and join the hons at the yearly Honfest. The term "hon", short for honey, is not only a commonly used term of endearment here, but it's also the nickname affectionately bestowed on the working women who enriched the city's blue collar history. Don't skimp on the blue eye shadow and don't miss this uniquely Baltimore celebration of the area's rich heritage.

Night of 100 Elvises
One Elvis is just not enough in Baltimore. On the Night of 100 Elvises, hound dogs rock the night away with Elvis impersonators from around the world. The jailbirds sing as dozens of bands play the rock and roll songs fans know by heart. Jitterbug and twist the night away on the dance floor or swoon to the softer tunes with fellow fans of The King. Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails are available to fuel the fun and proceeds from this annual party go to various charities.